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How to play flash video on Nook Tablet

“Can i get flash player on nook tablet?
The new Nook tablet came out a while ago and im trying to decide between a nook tablet and a netbook for christmas. i wanted to get flash player and i know i can root the nook tablet to use the android store to get flash player. although im not sure if the nook tablet will support flash player. answers? 1 week ago Report Abuse
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The flash player for tablets has just been released by adobe. However, due to its development’s and fanciness, you must pay for it. It is now available at the adobe site.”
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As Nook Tablet is not like Kindle to take special cooperation with Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, it has no special app for these flash web-site, so we have to look for flash player for Nook Tablet ourselves, and from the above we know that the Flash player from Netflix needs to buy. And if you hope to to buy third app so you can play all videos on Nook Tablet, you can make it easy by to use best Flash to Nook Tablet Converter so you can convert flash video to Nook Tablet compatible formats, this directly convert flash to Nook Tablet HD , MP4 format conversion is a good way to play flash movies on kindle Fire, so far it is the way to solve problem if you are urgently to solve this video playing problem.

Guide on transfer flash to Nook Tablet2:(zWin7 included)
Step 1: Add flash from your PC Hard Drive to Converter by clicking Add Fire.

Step 2: Set best output format for Nook Tablet 2.
nook tablet mp4

Step 3: Click “Start” button to begin convert flash to Nook Tablet 2. You can define the video save destination to the way you best like by resetting output option.
If you are Mac users, plz go to Flash to Nook Tablet Converter for Mac.

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